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Journal Entry: Sun Mar 19, 2017, 6:04 PM
Hi everyone! My commissions are still open will 3 available slots. Please leave a comment or note me if you're interested! 

Blue Marble Prices and ExamplesBlue Marble 

Character + Simple Background
Mercy by Corrupted-Mooch
$50 CDN
Add 1 character: +$35 CDN
Up to 2 characters MAX per commission.

Kroe by Corrupted-Mooch
$15 CDN
Single character only.

Blue Marble SLOTSBlue Marble  

For my commission guidelines, please go HERE: Commission Guidelines


Journal Entry: Mon Mar 6, 2017, 8:18 AM
It was really unexpected but HellEyes received its FIRST fanart! It really means a lot to know people enjoy the comic this much and I LOVE seeing stuff like this! Thank you so much to Somi42 for drawing my boys!!! :D

Helleyes Fanart by Somi42

Comment if you want to see.

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 2, 2017, 9:23 PM


Journal Entry: Sat Feb 18, 2017, 3:36 PM
You guys have to help me! I'm coming up to 1000 FANS ON SMACKJEEVES! And I want to do something REALLY special!! And because I know you guys count on deviantart and tumblr as fans of HellEyes I want to make sure you get a say too! 

PLEASE leave a suggestion of something I can do for the 1000 fan milestone. It's still a little while away, but I want to line something up to have ready for you :)

New Changes

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 8:29 PM

The Kickstarter is completed!! I’m working with my printer right now to get these rewards sent out ASAP! I’m excited to get them out to those lucky fans who bought a copy! 

I hope you’ve all enjoyed the daily updates for HellEyes. It was a lot of work and I have over 800 fans on SmackJeeves now! But that was only for the last 12 days of the Kickstarter. Updates will now be going to Saturdays only. 

I’m swamped with commissions and homework right now which take priority over the comic. When I graduate in April hopefully I’ll be able to update more often.

My art for the next while will be sporadic. I post my homework images on another account so the updates here will not be as often, as I will be focusing on school work. This account is for my commissions and any personal projects I have. 

I posted a poll asking if you guys wanted speed paints and tutorials, and was also wondering if you guys were interested in more livestreams. If so what times are best for you, because the last few times I’ve had a livestream only a few people showed up. Other than that, I’ll be dedicating TONS of time to drawing, and I’m trying to cut back on my social media in order to keep my focus on art. So yeah, that’s it :) Thanks guys!


Journal Entry: Sat Jan 28, 2017, 2:54 PM…

Starting at 7pm EST which is an hour from NOW. I'll be drawing some stuff and listening to music so feel free to stop in a chillax with me :)

Updates of goodness :D

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 13, 2017, 2:38 PM
YAY my baby is back home and all fixed up for me so I can get back to work properly. A severely out-of-date laptop and old tablet only get you so far. 

For HellEyes I am planning a day to work on NOTHING but comic pages very soon. I need to get at least 2 out for this weekend to make up for last week, and get back on schedule of one a week. Also the Kickstarter will be ending at the end of this month! If you've been waiting until the last minute to get some comics better hurry cuz once its over its OVER.…

For the next few months I am going to be uber busy as this is my last term for school. I'm developing a portfolio right now which I plan to submit to gaming companies in the hopes of getting hired *cough*BIOWARE*cough*. On top of this I want to work on commissions that come my way as this is both good experience and a decent income :D I'm working on a large commission right now but they are always open to anyone who wants one :D
Commission info HERE->

I hope everyone is having a good January! 

My luck has run out. My computer stopped working today and it will be gone for 3-5 days. The timing is pretty crappy. This repair which would have been free if I had bought my computer 12 days earlier has cost me a lot.
I've still got a tablet and laptop to hold me over, and I would love to pump out commissions and artwork for you guys. I'm not going to let this set me back from my goal of being a full time artist.
Please check out my commission examples, and if you know anyone that might be interested send them my way. Thanks guys. Happy 2017 :P


Journal Entry: Sun Jan 1, 2017, 8:05 AM
Welcome all to the New Year!
As most of us do, I'm hoping this will really be my year for art and success, and I'm going to work really hard to make that happen.

HellEyes finally has a Kickstarter going for the first 2 volumes and it has SUCCEEDED! Any one who supports at this point will get a volume GUARANTEED and there are 30 DAYS TO GO. Link here:…
While this is going on of course Volume 3 has started, and my idea is to complete two volumes a year. So hopefully volume 3 will be done by June and volume 4 in December. 

Something else I'm officially starting is commissions! I've posted the example page with prices and rules here:

Lastly for my own personal stuff which I will do on the side (homework, comic and commissions come first). I've got some original and fan art stuff planned, along with hopefully some livestreams maybe once a week on Twitch. 
Oh and I'll be getting my 2016 summary of art up soon :D I'm super nervous because I feel like I've improved a lot this year since starting school for concept art, but it all comes together in the art summary. 

So Happy New Year I hope you all had some great holidays and I hope 2017 will be EVERYONE'S year :D Looking forward to spending it with you guys!


Journal Entry: Fri Dec 2, 2016, 7:26 PM
I've finally got the Kickstarter going for PRINTED COPIES of Volumes 1 and 2 of Helleyes!…

Go check it out, spread the word if you can :D The project will be running for 60 days and there are multiple rewards to choose from! :D

Thank you to everyone who helped this comic get this far. 

For my Core/Vaelka fans

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 22, 2016, 10:14 AM
Some of you have noticed that I've tidied up my gallery, and you can see I'm moving away from the IZ fandom to pursue other art. So I'm putting some links here to Stash galleries about my two most lovable characters.
And as a bonus, I have added the sketches of the comic that happened AFTER Vaelka won Blood Sport. I had plans for her which never came to fruition and I don't plan on finishing the comic, but I think a few of you will enjoy what happens. And though I will no longer be drawing my own IZ stuff, I do have a lot of plans for more art that I hope many of you will still enjoy :)

Question of Authority: Vaelka's Post BloodSport -
Vaelka Misc. -
Vaelka BloodSport Intro -
Vaelka BloodSport 1 -
Vaelka BloodSport 2 -
Vaelka BloodSport 3 -
Vaelka BloodSport 4 -
Vaelka BloodSport 6 -

Core Misc -
Core BloodSport 1 -


Journal Entry: Thu Nov 17, 2016, 4:35 PM

So as some of you may have heard, I am going to be a full time artist! I want to dedicate more time to the concept art course I am currently taking, but with all this time I can finally do more art in general.

I’ve got a nice schedule ready to start for November 21st, the main point of which is Monday to Friday Twitch Streams from 9am to 11am EST!!

These will just be me hanging out with anyone that wants to show up and watch me work on anything from homework, HellEyes comic pages, my personal work or even commissions.

Which leads to my next point, COMMISSIONS! These will now be my main source of income. I’ll put the prices here for you guys to check out. The examples and the official start of me taking commissions will be on November 21st. 

And I appreciate any well wishes if you can’t afford a commission from me, but I would humbly request that you spread the word if you know any one looking to have a commission done. Thanks and I hope you’re looking forward to A LOT more work from me!

Last but not least, I will be launching a Kickstarter for my HellEyes comic books hopefully next week! The prices have been lowered as well to give you guys a better deal! More on that as things progress.

Commission Prices:

Full body character: $35 CDN 

    +1 character: $25 CDN 

Stylized portrait: $15 CDN 

    +1 character: $10 CDN 



Simple: +$15 CDN 

Complex: +$25  CDN

NSFW/Nude: +$10 CDN 

I’m going to start selling printed HellEyes books!

But I wanna know if you guys would be interested in them! It would be a limited print at the moment, and I may not do something like this again until Volume 3 is complete. 

I want to do it as a KickStarter, selling the comics at $15 USD for Volume 1 and $25 USD for Volume 2. BUT ON TOP OF THAT there will be extras such as buttons and prints that can be added!

Also there is a special deal of $35 USD for BOTH volumes!

I’m still planning this out, but I really need to know if you guys would be interested in getting a copy! Leave a comment or message me to let me know this might be something you’d want!

Thanks guys, and prepare for a lot more HellEyes!!
HellEyes Vol 1 Print by Corrupted-Mooch
Hi everyone! Lots of stuff happening right now and I wanna share some future plans for my art! 

First announcement: I want to start doing commissions again. I've upped my art game and I want to start drawing stuff for people. I'll be posting the prices for everything as soon as I get the samples done. Let me know if you'd be excited for a commission from me!

Secondly: I want to sell some HellEyes books! Actual physical copies of the books! The way I'm thinking of doing this is find out how many people want a book, bulk ordering from the printer and then ship everything out to you as soon as they arrive. And here's the part you want to know, how much they cost :P For Volume 1 I'd be asking $15 USD. Volume 2 is $25 USD. However, I'm thinking about doing a combo deal for the pair at a bit of a discount which I can reveal if everything goes well :) I plan to get a shipping calculator as well so you know exactly what you'd pay. 

So yeah! These are some preliminary ideas that I want to do very soon, and I'd really appreciate any feedback from you guys to let me know if you'd be interested :)
Quick update! 
HellEyes is behind a few pages due to unforeseen illness/injury which has pretty much been sorted, PLUS I went on a camping trip and didn't have enough time to prepare some extra pages =P 
And on top of that school has been scrunched together and I'm lacking TIME to get everything done. This weekend should help sort things out and I'm hoping to have the pages back by this Wednesday. 


FINE if you weirdos wanna get to know me better.

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6-8 as long as I don’t get distracted on the computer :P

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I’m lying. 

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What’s my star sign

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You know what I can’t choose one let alone 5. I have A LOT of favourites, and they can change depending on my mood. But generally speaking i like semi-beefy men, little facial hair, fantasy/sci-fi backgrounds and other men like that who I can pair with each other. 

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A black kingdom hearts shirt, no bra, grey underwear, mid-rise straight cut jeans and no socks. 

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As it turns out my 7 year anniversary is coming up on September 27th! YAY ME!

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If you must know, 285. However I know for a fact several of those are deactivated or have been abandoned. 

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Mostly my comic Helleyes. 

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*cracks fingers* Here we go.…

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I am thankful for any comment I receive :) 

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In high school, I always had the worst lunches. My friends always had the best lunches. 

So I would mooch off their foods.

So my friends started calling me ‘the Mooch’.

The corrupted part came soon after ;)

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This is my Tumblr:
I can't post any naughty stuff here on DA and y!Gallery is down for the count with all of my dirty pics having been deleted. So if you wanna see all my 18+ pics please follow the link!

Have a nice Wednesday!
It's recently come to my attention that I don't have enough time to keep up with the things I want to do right now. And because of this, some of my work will have to suffer. 

If you don't know yet, I'm currently enrolled in college for a Concept Art Diploma. It's kind of my dream. But the work load is larger than I could've expected. As well, I have a 37 hour per week job. That's pretty much full time hours. I could describe my schedule in detail, but the truth of the matter is I spend every night after work doing homework until I go to bed. Even my two days off a week are spent doing homework and whatever little time I have after that I either try to relax or continue drawing.

So because of this, I won't be taking any commissions, but most importantly HellEyes will be going down to 1 UPDATE PER WEEK. Possibly even less. I love my gay babies but I just don't have the time to give them all the attention they deserve right now. 

HOWEVER there is a way I can get more pages out to you, but it depends on how much support you're willing to give. I do have a PATREON account ->
And the more patrons it gets, the more pages I can get to you guys. Even $1 A MONTH will help the comic grow. You can cancel at any time if you're not happy with it, I won't blame you. But I might send an angry demon after you. BYE!
Hi guys! Yeah I'm trying this again. But it's more of a side quest :P 
I've started up Patreon for anyone who would like to support my comic HellEyes. Or my art in general. 
I'm currently in school for a concept art diploma and I am LOVING it. I'll probably post some of the art here soon, but when I'm not in class or at my job I'll be doing HellEyes pages. I've never been so set on finishing something like this. HellEyes will continue as often as I can, but it would mean a lot if I could get some support from you guys :) 

So if you like the comic and want to give me some extra incentive to finish it, please consider visiting my new Patreon and pledging!
To Corrupted-Mooch's Patreon:

P.S. really missing my DA sub TT^TT