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Commissions-Open by Corrupted-Mooch

Commission Prices by Corrupted-Mooch

To Do:

Obscure Battle #2: Eggman vs Wreck-it-Ralph 

12 deviants said Wreck-it-Ralph Wreck-It Ralph by Death-Driver-5000
6 deviants said Eggman Eggman gives the finger by Shadz-the-Fox

Obscure Battles Poll *RULES*

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 15, 2014, 7:21 AM
*UPDATE* Winner of battle 1 was Yusuke Urameshi!! And may I say I'm so happy to see so many other YuYuHakusho fans!!
Next poll is UP! Eggman vs Wreck-it-Ralph!

I had a funny thought, and its been done before but I wanna do it: pairing characters from different series and figuring out


So I'm going to start posting some polls with obscure battles, and you guys are gonna vote who you think would WIN!! 
Not only will you choose the winners, but I want you to suggest pairings for the next weeks' poll! Anything goes including original characters from you and your friends!

:onfire: RULES :onfire:
- Vote and suggest characters as though they were FIGHTING, NOT YOUR FAVOURITE
- Feel free to post your suggestions ON THIS JOURNAL or THE POLL. Suggestions WILL COLLECT in a list and at the end of the week(Friday) I will randomize it. Whichever suggestion is on top will be the next poll!
- Preferably characters from two different universes, some exceptions apply (ex. characters in the same series who would NEVER fight)
- ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE: existing characters from shows, movies, comics, games EVEN you or your friends ORIGINAL CHARACTERS!
- If you are unfamiliar with the character, I encourage looking them up quick before just voting on a random or your favourite :3

Obscure Battle List:
Poll Yusuke Urameshi vs Inuyasha WINNER: YUSUKE URAMESHI!
Poll Eggman vs Wreck-it-Ralph

Suggestions for upcoming Polls:
Powdered Toast Man vs The Tick
Freakazoid vs Harley Quinn
Master Chief vs Winter Soldier


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nemmey Mar 24, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
;^; apparently my prices are really dirt cheap for drawing. I have a few ppl interested in commissioning me and they're asking me how much I charge. Um... What do? 

I feel like I should probably charge more so I haven't replied. 

Can you help me figure out some prices pls? 

Corrupted-Mooch Mar 26, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Of course! What helped me was looking at other artists commission prices. Bt you also had to realize that you are different. Do you want to price by how long it takes you to do the picture? By how many characters and detail is in the picture? Or have a simple flat price?
nemmey Mar 26, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
I'm going with a flat price of 20 for fullbody colour for now. Thought I would try it out at first and develop a bit of a name for myself, but yes- I'm hoping to charge by how long it takes me eventually. I'm wondering how much I can get away with charging though lol. Cris still thinks my prices are too cheap >.<

Also on another note about commissions you used paypal right? I have an account set up with them but I'm not 100% sure how that works yet. Plus I think I need to develop some rules for my commissions so I don't get ripped off.
Corrupted-Mooch Mar 26, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
$20 is a good place to start, and people seem to like quick sketches for maybe $5 as well. Think about starting a Livestream account to let people watch you draw. I found that offering commissions while live streaming is very popular but mostly for DA points to use for a subscription, it's harder to get actual money here.
PayPal is pretty easy just make sure it's secure and link up a debit and/or credit card and give your paypal out by note only to commissioners. And make sure to say your prices are in Canadian not US.
Absolutely make some rules: what is allowed, how payment works (do you get paid before or after the commission is done? Or half before?) etc. and don't be afraid to turn someone away: he commissions you do will attract a certain crowd so be wary.
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SaintHeartwing Mar 20, 2014  Student General Artist
Hey there! I don't mean to put any pressure on you two, but it's March now, and I just wanted to give you and your fellow competitor in BS a reminder to finish the final round entries?
Unknown-D-Flamerose Mar 15, 2014  Student Filmographer
I missed you!! >3<:glomp:
Corrupted-Mooch Mar 15, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
OMG I miss you too! How've you been?
Unknown-D-Flamerose Mar 15, 2014  Student Filmographer
well, mostly healing XD doing very well now~ hoping to get back into my artist groove o3o
Corrupted-Mooch Mar 15, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
That's great to hear :D I'll be looking forward to some more of your drawings and seeing you around here more often :hug:
(1 Reply)
the-mirror-melts Jan 19, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thanks for following my work :)
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